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Keith Ghilino
Keith Ghilino

The Nice Guys(2016)

When the nice guys visit Kim Bassinger at the district attorney's office, they are actually at another popular filming spot, the John Ferraro Building, formerly known as the LA Department of Water & Power building, located at 111 North Hope Street. Some of the shots are not screen-matched as I am using pictures from a previous visit.

The Nice Guys(2016)

Although Gosling flirts a little (and with little success), there is no romance to speak of. The leading "lady" in the film is Holland's daughter, Holly, played by Angourie Rice. She provides the movie with its heart, softening Crowe's character and keeping Gosling's grounded. It's a nice little humanizing touch that never gets too sappy. However, the fact that Gosling is playing an alcoholic, neglectful father who's still feeling guilty and responsible for the death of his wife, is a touch of darkness that the film never really makes work. It doesn't quite balance the drama with the comedy as well as it does the action.

That said, there is a bit of some excess to the finale, even though its a joy to watch on a technical level, it loses a bit of steam, simply because it lacks the nuance and creativity the film seems to build toward. Shootouts are fun, yes, and Black does them well, but with these two characters, it would have been nice to see something a little more unexpected. In an offhand way, this is more a compliment rather than a criticism since the film as a whole finds the right touch for nearly the whole run time. 041b061a72


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