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Sazid Ahmed
Sazid Ahmed

Paco De Lucia Guitar Tab Me Regale


the piece begins in d minor with a brief introduction, but not much happens after this. only the guitar plays. the introduction is repeated a second time with the guitar playing along with the introduction.

a big baritone guitar is tuned to sound like a bass guitar, but is probably a little lighter than a full size electric bass, so the sound is pretty much the same as the acoustic bass. in fact, baritone guitars are often used as back-up basses and bass players find they prefer baritone guitars to the heavier "solid" basses when playing drums. one reason for this is that the strings on a baritone guitar are closer to the body than on a bass, and can therefore be easier to strike than bass strings and create a louder tone.

tuning a guitar down a fourth or fifth is similar to lowering the pitch on a piano or violin. the body of the guitar is actually higher than the string length, so lowering the pitch makes the instrument sound lower. an open e chord in the first fret would sound like an a chord. another reason to lower your guitar is to play lower pitched instruments, especially in an ensemble. for example, when a guitarist plays a baritone guitar, the other instruments in the ensemble can play with them using the same chord shapes and scales, but at a lower pitch.

of course, a really low e chord in the first fret would be too low for most instruments, but if you have a good instrument that can handle that, you can try it out. when you play a low e chord in the first fret, the notes are still the same as an open e chord. so if you have a guitar, bass, or another instrument in the key of c, the lowest note you can play is the first c in the chord. 3d9ccd7d82


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