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We Buy Beatles Records

Slated as the final work in the exhibition, Chang has electronically overlaid 100 discrete copies of the album to create one densely layered 96-minute double LP on which each version of the iconic original brings its own sonic history to the final recording. The physical imperfections of the 45 year old records pop, skip and crackle to create an eerie heterophony as the record gradually drifts out of sync with itself over the course of each side.

we buy beatles records

Host Paul Cavalconte has collected and played records since Scruffy The Tugboat on a yellow plastic 7-inch 78 rpm record. And that was last year. No seriously, he was 4. He took it into the bathtub every Saturday night. It was a real clean record. At 19 he became a DJ in New York City on WFUV. At 52, he also became a DJ in New York City on WFUV.

Host Paul Cavalconte has collected and played records since Scruffy The Tugboat on a yellow plastic 7-inch 78 rpm record. And that was last year. No seriously, he was 4. He took it into the bathtub every Saturday night. It was a real clean record. At 19 he became a DJ in New York City on WFUV, and 52, he once again became a DJ in New York City on WFUV.

Chang comes in each day to play the records selected by visitors (or by his own choosing), and is also continuing to buy new ones for his collection during the installation. He exclusively buys the first edition, and only those under $20 in order to have some with well-worn character (one even has a cigarette burn all the way through its vinyl, another had its sleeves replaced with paper towels).

Sorry State pays top dollar for collectible vinyl, including punk, metal, classic rock, jazz, and other desirable records. Other stores will try to lowball you and give you pennies per record, but we pride ourselves on being honest, fair, and up front. Even if you don't know what you have we'll let you know the market value of your vinyl. Bring your records by the store or we're happy to come to you. Just email or call the store's phone number below to set up an appointment.

With over 20 years in the business of buying used vinyl records, DJ Records USA has built a solid reputation of integrity and fairness. Our best advertising has always been word of mouth from satisfied customers, as evidenced by our A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

21. From Then To You (Apple/Lyntone LYN 2154) 1970 $500 Released after the Beatles split, this Apple LP pulled together all of the free Beatles Christmas records sent out on flexi disc to paid-up fan club members from 1963 to 1969 that ranged from songs, pantomime and musical collages. The record could only be ordered from the fan club and the U.K. edition is now very hard to find in mint condition. CD reissue has not affected value at all.

That has always been the great thing about The Beatles records; while countless artists have experimental albums or songs that pushed the entire scope of music forward, John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr did it all while making piles and piles of cash with the voluminous sales of their singles and albums.

We're a family store; we've been buying and selling since 1976, and believe strongly in transparency. Martin himself has been buying and selling since 1965! We've got the knowledge, the background, and the expertise to quickly and easily assess your collection. We want to find your records a good home. We don't need a bunch of testimonials to prove that: one conversation with Martin or Nick will prove it!

The other key is that we never throw records in the trash. Our $1 and value bins are some of our most popular items, and we get so many young kids getting into vinyl that we can always find your records a home, and never have an issue with our inventory being cluttered with dollar records. We also give thousands of records away FREE! Yes, we give records away for free!

Finally, you may notice we don't offer guarantees or use terms like the "best" price, or "highest offer". We don't use these terms because the idea of the "best price" and "highest price" is such a nebulous term. Anyone trying to run a shop out of their condo can claim they'll give you the best price for your records, however we tell you what does and doesn't sell, and thus don't asset strip your collection, whereas they're buying the best and leaving the rest. We also don't say a flat 50%. If it's a solid title we offer more.

Some other places claim you should sell to them first, because they'll pay top dollar for 4 of your 300 records. This is called "picking" a collection, and when someone "picks" the gems from your collection, it'll be harder to sell because places will be less willing to take a collection that's obviously been "picked". We suggest selling your collection as a whole for this reason, even if it's not to us.

Records are like collectable sports cards. There are hundreds of millions of them around, but of those hundreds of millions, people either want to buy a brand new booster pack (like they buy a brand new Radiohead release), or they're on the hunt for that Wayne Gretzky on O-Pee-Chee (like they're looking for the rare Beatles Butcher Cover). There's not much middle ground sadly. Tens of millions of ABBA records have been made (and continue to be made) and though the music is great, they're in every collection, and are quite common. With records, these are the most important things, when it comes to value in order of importance:

The second pitfall is selling the records you "don't want" from your collection, meaning (for example), "I want to keep my David Bowie, but I'll sell my Yes albums". You'll be disappointed to learn that most of the time, the items you want to get rid of are the same items other collectors want to get rid of, and the ones you want to keep are the ones that have a value (usually).

Omega Auctions are proud to be one of the top auction houses worldwide for music memorabilia and vinyl records. We are passionate about what we do and whether you are looking to buy or sell, we are always happy to advise.

TOAST TO LOVE VIP Experience at The Beatles LOVE provides guest an artist meet & greet with a narrated backstage tour set to feature the history of The Beatles using an ensemble of show props, insider fun facts, and the ingenuity of these elements in the production of show. For additional details and event times visit -vegas/beatles-love/toast-to-love-experience

TOAST TO LOVE VIP Experience is a narrated backstage tour of The Beatles LOVE which is set to feature the history of The Beatles using an ensemble of show props, insider fun facts, and the ingenuity of these elements in the production of show. For tickets and details visit -vegas/beatles-love/toast-to-love-experience

The Beatles sit among the ranks of icons like Mother Mary and iPhones for how universally well-known they are. Fly to the far corners of the globe and chances are high that if you hold up a jaunty four-framed photo of Paul, John, George, and Ringo, someone will recognize them. It goes without saying how significant The Beatles were for the music industry, but what isn't said nearly enough is how important they can be for your wallet. The Beatles merchandise is some of the only pop culture collectibles that don't suffer from low-values because of the sheer amount of it that was sold. After all, 'tis the season for making a good decision while vinyl's still hot; hunt down some of the most valuable Beatles albums and records to sell for college tuition level amounts of money.

They say that everything sounds better on vinyl, and while playing your favorite double-sided LP over and over again may be great for your ears, it's terrible for your wallet. Some well-preserved albums from top talent can sell for hundreds of thousands of dollars to interested collectors and fans around the world. And, of course, The Beatles vinyl collection that stretches the 1960s and beyond tops the list of valuable albums you can sell. From little known compilation records to number one albums, all of these Beatles albums and records are worth looking for at the record store and in your grandparent's dusty collection.

Follow @factoryrecordsdavenoise on Instagram for the most current Record Store Drop updates! Let's do this!! Happy 80th birthday to Sir Paul McCartney on Saturday! June 18th's RSD Drops 2022 is at Factory Records Costa Mesa, starting at 10 a.m. This time, we'll be going old school and doing the standard come-get-in-line thing for our 10 a.m. opening. This is not the ginormous event that April is, so you probably don't need to camp out overnight. BUT, the dynamic has changed in the last year or so and the kids have a voracious appetite for these colored vynilz, so keep this in mind. We've got an excellent haul of stuff this time around, but as always, the early bird gets the worm. Parking, as always, is very limited so be prepared to park off-site if necessary, and make a short walk. Remember, all stores get allocated on lots of the hot titles, so plan to make a day of this; most people need to visit more than one record store to complete their list. We'll also have over 1000 new arrival used records starting on Saturday, AND a pop up with Ian's Music Collectibles on SUNDAY! Don't forget to follow @factoryrecordsdavenoise on Instagram for all updates, including some great BEATLES records to celebrate Paul's 80th! Factory Records is Orange County's go-to shop on Record Store Day and Black Friday! These events are a perfect storm of limited RSD releases and the first time out for many rare used albums!! Visit our website / Facebook page for updates! Follow me (Dave) on Instagram for the most current updates and occasional pictures of my dogs: @factoryrecordsdavenoise From the mind behind Costa Mesa's legendary Noise Nose Noise Records, Factory Records stocks thousands of record albums, 12" singles, and 45s, plus CDs. cassettes, stickers, buttons, patches, and more. We stock all genres, and then some! We buy, sell, and trade, and put new product out daily. Dave Noise has been collecting vinyl since 1979, and worked at Costa Mesa's famed Music Market, as well as Discount Records. Dave owned Noise Noise Noise Records from 1991-2006, and during that time co-owned and operated the Insta-Noise and Truk record labels. After a short stint at Second Spin, he stepped into the shoes of store owner again, and opened Factory Records in early 2010, which celebrated its 12 year anniversary on RSD 2022. He also now runs the Noise Noise Noise Records label with his wife Lisa Noise, who had her own music career managing the Legendary Pink Dots in North America. 041b061a72


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