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De Dana Dan Movie Download 720p In Hindi _VERIFIED_

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De Dana Dan Movie Download 720p In Hindi

contrary to what some critics of social media think, millennials arent facebook globs. theyre opinionated, theyre diverse, and theyre the driving force of the social web. they consume and they decide. if politicians want to connect with millennials on social media, they have to really appeal to what matters most to them as individuals. for example, millennials are offended when politicians use hyperbole or try to scare them with the word terrorism. they also dont appreciate name calling or argument by personality. cliches like the bromance and the booty call dont work. familiarity breeds contempt, and isnt the best strategy. for example, if john mccain, with his long-ago military record, had held up a picture of obama with a woman named cindy, would anybody have connected with him?

are millennials spoiled little millennials? maybe. but they also have high expectations, and they wont settle for anything less than what they want. my generation invented entertainment, technology, and culture. our parents did not understand what we wanted and our children do not either. millennials in the age of the internet and social media are connecting with their generation and generation x as never before.


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