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Descubre las ventajas de Pplan 64 bits: un programa liviano y fácil de usar para el cálculo y dimensionamiento de estructuras

In a 512-byte sector, the lower most four bits specify the type of data stored in the sector. Usually, the sector can be 0, 1, 2, or 3 bytes in length. The three types of sectors are sometimes referred to as unused, full, and free sectors.

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The same four lowermost bits that specify the type of the sector are also used to determine how many bytes are stored in the sector. The more type, the more bytes are stored in the sector. For instance, if a sector is of the type 10h, then it will store 10 bytes. The four lowermost bits in the sector, and the corresponding byte sizes are as follows:

Here is an example of how a sector with type 00h is specified. The 00h is an unused sector, which indicates that it will store a single byte. Thus, 00h indicates that the sector will store a 1-byte value in the lower four bits.

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It is possible to be asked to prove your speed. The answer is measured in Megabits per second (Mbps). Different computer programs measure differently. And, lots of things can slow your download or upload rate. Most dial up modems with about 56Kb/sec (1.544 Mbps) are not compatible with 56Kb/sec data connections from home. Even with DSL, the average speed is much slower than it should be.

Youll usually see the speed is measured in a few ways. The most common is how many megabits per second the modem can reach. When you are looking for your download speed, its going to be faster than when you are looking for your upload speed.


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