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Buy Mitsubishi Mini Split Online

Last, mini-splits are nice in that they are all electric (and require no additional fuel or gas service, like with some traditional HVAC systems), but their electrical requirements are considerable. The 5-zone unit our Hawaii friend installed required a dedicated 40 A breaker for its 230-volt service, and his installation crew used a licensed electrical sub-contractor for the work, adding cost.

buy mitsubishi mini split online

One of the world leaders in air conditioning products is Mitsubishi Electric, recognizable by its red-colored Three Diamonds logo. Mitsubishi Electric manufactures multiple lines of highly successful ductless mini split systems, such as the Mr. Slim product line. Mitsubishi ductless units are among the most sophisticated, technologically advanced, and highly energy-efficient systems of the current generation of mini split systems.

Although comfort and system capabilities are important, the unit cost is the most significant purchasing factor for most customers. Knowing what factors and elements influence the cost of a typical Mitsubishi ductless mini split system will help you make an informed decision and purchase a product that delivers the best value for your money.

They come in different types, depending on your type of installation. Indoor units are available either as wall-mounted, horizontal-ducted, ceiling-cassette, ducted, or floor-mounted. Compared with traditional systems, ductless mini splits are more energy-efficient and advanced in terms of components, functionalities, and features.

The capacity of a mini split AC system is measured using British Thermal Units (BTU), the same unit employed to measure the capacity of a central air conditioner. Although mini split systems can be of any capacity, most models typically range between 6,000 BTU and 48,000 BTU, depending on the number of zones they are intended to cover.

When choosing a mini split system, choosing the right capacity for the size of your rooms is critical to prevent issues. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, the best starting point to evaluate your sizing needs is to measure the square footage of each room you intend to cover, then multiply the result by 20 (or, in other words, 20 BTU per square foot).

There are two types of mini split AC unit systems; cooling-only air conditioners and heat pumps, capable of cooling and heating. On average, a heat pump costs more than an equivalent cooling-only system due to the increased mechanical complexity.

The energy efficiency of a mini split unit is measured using the Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating (SEER.) The higher the number, the more cost- and energy-efficient it is to run. Although better SEER ratings typically translate into slightly increased price tags, they cost significantly less to run in the long term due to the decreased energy consumption, making them a worthwhile investment.

Even between models of the same manufacturers, each mini split package may possess different features, functionality, and options to help them stand out from the other offerings on the market. The newer and more advanced a product line is, the higher it tends to cost.

Most Mitsubishi Electric mini split systems feature technologies allowing their products to operate efficiently even under extreme temperatures, making them an excellent choice if you live in an area where the average summer temperature frequently exceeds 90F.

The installation costs of your mini split system vary depending on the layout of your home. The most significant factors affecting installation costs are the number of rooms and the overall size of your home.

If your installation professionals are replacing an older or outdated air conditioning system, expect the total time and costs to increase further. In rarer situations, installing your new mini split system may require the intervention of additional contractors and specialists, such as electricians or carpenters.

The M-series Mitsubishi Mr. Slim 20 SEER (24,000 Btu model is 17.5 seer) ductless air conditioner heat pump systems(also known as a ductless mini split) with R-410a refrigerant are perfect for use in residential and light commercial applications. Whisper-quiet and extremely reliable, ductless air conditioners go where ductwork can't - Computer and phone rooms, room additions, music studios, and small offices, to name just a few.

For many years, ductless mini split air conditioner systems have been the quiet solution for cooling and heating problems around the world. The popular, proven and industry best selling Mitsubishi Mr. Slim ductless air conditioning systems have two basic components: an easily installed indoor and outdoor unit.

A ductless mini split air conditioner system is similar to a central system in that the compressor is outside, eliminating the noise associated with wall-type units. The indoor section is extremely quiet and simply surface-mounts on the wall. Best of all, the sleek contemporary styling of the indoor section will not detract from the decor of its surroundings.

The Mitsubishi mini split ductless air conditioning inverter system will out-perform a standard ductless heat pump by maintaining up to 82% of its rated heating capacity all the way down to 17 Fahrenheit. At this temperature ordinary heat pumps produce very little heat (less than half of their rated capacity in most cases) and need to be supplemented with another heating source to keep you warm.

All Mitsubishi mini split air conditioning outdoor units are designed with easy service and maintenance in mind. Service points are located behind easy-access panels to make installation easier for your service technician. All M-series indoor units feature a washable filter design without filter replacement headaches.

As an HVAC manufacturer, Mitsubishi Electric has been in the U.S. market since 1982, during which they introduced their well-known Mr. Slim series of multi zone mini split systems. They are responsible for many innovations, such as Ultra-Quiet technology and dust-repelling dual-barrier coatings.

In the United States, all mini splits sold since January 2015 must possess a minimum SEER rating of 13 or 14 (depending on the region in which you live), a minimum HSPF of 7.7, and a minimum EER of 10. However, the higher the rating, the more energy-efficient the system.

4-zone mini split systems close the performance gap. Both products offer the same capacity, with negligible differences in EER. In this instance, it all comes down to the seasonal heating and cooling efficiencies. While the Daikin MXS offers a higher HSPF rating, the Mitsubishi Quad-Zone model has a higher SEER rating.

The two primary purposes of a mini split system are cooling and heating. Each function operates within an optimal temperature range. The cooling or heating mode will work optimally as long as the temperature outdoors remains within that range.

Each mini split system has two temperature ranges to look for: cooling range (efficiency during hot periods) and heating range (efficiency during cold periods). High-quality mini split systems should possess the widest possible temperature ranges, guaranteeing comfort under any circumstances.

Mini split systems can improve interior air quality, provided they possess quality air filtration systems. Although all major brands (including Daikin and Mitsubishi) fit their mini splits with removable air filters that you can wash or replace at home, Mitsubishi offers the advantage of two-stage filters.

Note that most warranties for mini split systems include coverage extensions in exchange for registering your product with the company. However, if you are a California resident, the law states that you are exempt from the need to register to benefit from the fully registered warranty.

You can benefit from an additional bonus if a Mitsubishi Electric Diamond Contractor has professionally installed your mini-split system in your home. In that case, your parts and compressor warranty extends to 12 years instead of 10.

ComfortUp is an authorized online dealer of Mitsubishi single-zone and multi zone mini split systems. Equipped with the latest technologies and air quality innovations, our lineup of Mitsubishi mini splits is perfect for single-family homes. Browse our wide selection of Mitsubishi ductless AC units, or contact one of our experts today to find the best product for your needs.

Mitsubishi Y50-153-453 Motor This motor, available from our Younits inventory, is an important component in all mini split heat pumps. Mitsubishi Electric manufactures this motor as a replacement part. It powers the fans that create the necessary airflow for your system to function properly.

Ducted mini-split heat pumps are gaining popularity in some regions of the country due to their energy-efficient specifications and their ability to be hidden from sight. Although product and install costs are typically higher than ductless mini-split heat pumps, this technology is worth the premium for some homeowners who do not like to see an indoor unit in their living area.

Due to the interest in this technology by local utilities and homeowners, the Bonneville Power Administration (BPA) has funded the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) and the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) to develop capabilities within the Building Energy Optimization (BEopt) tool to model ducted mini-split heat pumps. After the fundamental capabilities were added, energy-use results could be compared to other technologies that were already in BEopt, such as zonal electric resistance heat, central air source heat pumps, and ductless mini-split heat pumps. Each of these technologies was then compared using five prototype floor plans in three different BPA heating zones to determine how the ducted mini-split technology would perform under different scenarios. 041b061a72


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