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Jax - Victorias Secret

"I wish somebody would've told me that thighs of thunder / Meant normal human thighs," she leads the song off by singing, referring to Victoria's Secret's standards for clothing sizing. She then addresses the company directly, singing, "I know Victoria's secret / And, girl, you wouldn't believe / She's an old man who lives in Ohio / Making money off of girls like me / 'Cashin' in on body issues / Sellin' skin and bones with big boobs."

Jax - Victorias Secret

So when Jax says she knows Victoria's "secret" is that she was made up by a dude, it's true. In fact, even the original Victoria's Secret was founded by a man. Businessman Roy Raymond wanted to buy his wife some lingerie, but was embarrassed when he went to the department store to look for some. He decided to create a store for women's underwear where men would feel comfortable shopping.

In the song, Jax talks about how the rigid beauty culture of Victoria\u2019s Secret and magazine covers helped fuel her eating disorder: \u201CI stopped eating, what a bummer/Can\u2019t have carbs and a hot girl summer.\u201D And then she explains that Victoria\u2019s real secret is that she\u2019s an \u201Can old man who lives in Ohio, making money off of girls like me\u201D referring to Les Wexner, the 84-year-old billionaire who founded Bath & Body Works, Inc, which owns Victoria\u2019s Secret as well as Abercrombie & Fitch and Express\u2014in other words, your entire 90s and early 2000s aesthetic/suburban mall experience. (Wexner also has Jeffrey Epstein ties, just in case we have any doubt how much he values young women and their bodies.) 041b061a72


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