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The Art Of Slowing Down Slow J Mp3

The Art of Slowing Down: How Slow J's Debut Album Captivated Portuguese Hip Hop Fans

Slow J is a Portuguese rapper, singer, producer and engineer who released his debut album The Art of Slowing Down in 2017. The album was a critical and commercial success, earning him nominations for Best New Artist and Best Hip Hop Album at the Portuguese Golden Globes. The album showcases Slow J's versatility and creativity, blending rap, R&B, soul, rock and electronic music with lyrics that reflect on his personal journey, social issues and cultural identity.

The Art of Slowing Down Slow J mp3


The album consists of 15 tracks, each with a different vibe and message. The opening track Intro sets the tone for the album, with Slow J rapping over a mellow guitar loop about his artistic vision and his desire to slow down and enjoy life. The second track Arte is a tribute to his passion for music and art, featuring a catchy chorus and a video that shows him performing in various locations around Lisbon. The third track Casa is a nostalgic song about his childhood home and memories, with a smooth soulful beat and a sample of his mother's voice.

The album also features collaborations with other Portuguese artists, such as Nerve on Ãs Vezes, a hard-hitting track that criticizes the hypocrisy and corruption of the political system; Gson and Papillon on Pagar As Contas, a fun and upbeat song about making money and spending it wisely; and Intakto on Vida Boa, a laid-back and optimistic song about living a good life. The album also explores themes such as love, sex, spirituality, social justice and self-improvement, with songs like Serenata, Sado, P'ra Ti and Mun'DanÃa.

The Art of Slowing Down is a remarkable debut album that showcases Slow J's talent and originality. The album is available to stream or download on various platforms, such as SoundCloud[^1^], YouTube[^2^] and Deezer[^3^]. If you are looking for some quality music that will make you think, feel and groove, give this album a listen. You won't regret it.

In 2019, Slow J released his second album You Are Forgiven, which was also well-received by fans and critics. The album features 12 tracks that explore themes such as forgiveness, gratitude, family, friendship and spirituality. The album also showcases Slow J's musical evolution, incorporating more live instruments, acoustic sounds and diverse influences. The album features collaborations with Sara Tavares on TambÃm Sonhar, a soulful song about dreaming and believing; Papillon on Onde à que estÃs?, a heartfelt song about missing someone; and Sam The Kid on 3,14, a rap song that pays homage to the Portuguese hip hop scene.

One of the most popular songs from the album is Silêncio, a powerful and emotional song that addresses the issue of domestic violence. The song features a haunting piano melody and a chorus sung by an anonymous female voice. The song also has a video that depicts the story of a woman who suffers abuse from her partner and eventually escapes. The video has over 2 million views on YouTube[^3^] and has sparked a social media campaign with the hashtag #youareforgiven, where people share their stories of overcoming abuse and trauma.

Slow J is currently working on his third album, which is expected to be released in 2021. He has already released two singles from the album: Nada a Esconder, a funky and upbeat song that celebrates honesty and transparency; and Imagina, a smooth and romantic song that features Ivandro and Frankieontheguitar. Slow J is also planning to resume his live shows once the pandemic situation improves. He has already performed at some of the biggest festivals in Portugal, such as NOS Alive, Super Bock Super Rock and Sumol Summer Fest. He has also performed in other countries, such as Spain, France, England and Brazil. c481cea774


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