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Backup and Recovery Made Easy with Norton Ghost Ghost32 Exe V12

another reason why norton ghost is so popular is because it is the first and only software that integrates fully with symantec security products and also alerts you for threats. for instance, when malwarebytes files or scans alert you for threats or malwarebytes gives you 100% protection, norton ghost will warn you as well. if you only use one security product, it is easy to see why you should choose norton ghost. there are dozens of reasons why norton ghost is the best product on the market for pc data protection.

Norton Ghost Ghost32 Exe V12

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ghost is available in its own gnu/linux version, which is used for free ghost personal edition and for which ghost studio is made. however, given that youre specifically attempting to back up your mac os computer with the paid norton ghost, it's important to keep in mind that there is no support in place if things dont work properly. in other words, you are taking on the risk yourself. i remember that norton ghost is made of software that is also used by other companies on their software and services, so one of the possibilities is that you have to pay for using norton ghost and that you have to in turn, pay for having a professional support, as it is common among the services and software made by big companies that ask for a money for using your data or for having your backup. that means if norton ghost isn't working properly, you will not have support to solve the problem and this means you will not have access to any kind of support or help from that company, so you will be entirely on your own to solve the problem.

i ran a google search from my browser for norton ghost tutorial and came across lots of old youtube videos for creating full disk images and hard drive clones using norton ghost. i don't know what version of norton ghost you use, but an old norton ghost 2003 user guide i found on the uc san diego site includes instructions for creating emergency media (see chapter 6 - creating boot disks with the ghost boot wizard) as well as for using norton ghost to create full disk image backups and/or bootable hard drive clones (see chapter 3 - backing up, restoring, and cloning from norton ghost). based on the question in your original post it looks like you're trying to create your full disk image backups and/or bootable clones with optional advanced command-line switches (i.e., -ia,-ib) as instructed in chapter 4 - setting norton ghost options and defaults and documented in appendix a ) when using those advanced switches likely isn't necessary for the typical user. i'm guessing (but not certain) that all you have to do is follow the instructions in the section creating a backup image file of chapter 3 (i., choose select a whole disk to back up as the source in the backup wizard and use the default settings) to save a full disk image for emergency recovery, or follow the instructions in cloning a hard disk or partition in chapter 3 [i., select the whole disk (all partitions on your hard drive) as the source of the clone in the clone wizard and use the default settings] to clone your current hard drive to a new (i., larger) hard drive if you want to swap out your old drive.


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