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Where Can I Buy Pinch Pleat Drapes VERIFIED

Fortunately, I found a way to give you the best of both worlds by using store-bought (Target) curtains and adding a pinch pleat with minimal sewing required. (I use the term sewing loosely. If you can sew a somewhat straight line, you can do this; I promise!)

where can i buy pinch pleat drapes

I like to use clip rings because they make it easy to open and close curtains. You can still get the look of pinch pleated curtains with the convenience of clip rings. All you do is hook the top of the drapery hook into the tiny ring that connects the ring to the hook. You can just leave the hooks there because no one will see them on the back side of the curtain anyway. Clip rings can be expensive so be sure to use this hack here: How To Make Your Own Drapery Rings On A Budget

There are a few different ways to make a pinch pleat on existing curtains. You can sew them the traditional way, you can use buckram as a header tape or you can use pleater tape over the top hem like I do in this tutorial. The good thing about pleater tape is that it is adjustable and super easy to use for beginning sewers.

These curtain panels create a breezy billowy accent in your home. They're made from sheer polyester that lets natural light in, making them ideal for your kitchen, living room, or anywhere that needs a soft glow. Up top is a rod pocket that makes it easy to install on your choice of the curtain rod (sold separately). Plus, a pinch pleat decorates the top edge to create a subtle ruching design. These panels are sold in sets of two and are iron-safe.

Elk Pinch Pleat Geometric Room Darkening Pinch Pleat Single Curtain Panel luscious embossed velvet blackout with up to date pinch pleat styling can be hung as back tab, rod pocket, or with fashion-forward clip rings.

We've been looking high and low for pinch pleat curtains for our two patio doors. We recently moved to our home and wanted to replace the 30-year-old worn out pull curtains that came with the house. The price was right, and the curtains look so much nicer. We are delighted with this purchase.

I was thrilled to finally find pinch pleated drapes in 100 inch width. The drapes are of good quality, but a couple of the pleats were not formed correctly. I had to fix three of the pleats by sewing. The drapes were very wrinkled and had to be steamed and ironed to get the wrinkles out. The drapes have a good lining. Overall I would rate this drape good.

We are so pleased that we found Touch of Class and this product. We looked at many stores and pleated drapes are hard to find. They sent us the fabric samples within 4 days and the drapes arrived exactly on time as scheduled. After 30 minutes in the dryer with a damp towel, the wrinkles all came out. The fabric has a silk-like sheet and has the look of silken linen. For the money, this is a great bargain and worth every penny. I'd give it more stars, if I could.

I shopped around several New York stores looking for pinch point drapes for my living room; but what they have available are the pole and ring type of drapes. I then browsed the web and found The Touch of Class store that has this type of drapes. I placed my order and received the drapes faster than originally promised. They arrived in good shape and in the correct size as ordered. I installed them, and I am pleased with the looks. Will use this store again in the future when I need to replace or upgrade.

Bought these for our church sanctuary! Definitely not custom draperies, but good quality for the price. Bought width to get number of pleats needed but pleats were further apart than custom drapes so caused a little excess fabric. Overall, we were very pleased with our purchase!

I purchased the 150 inch wide drapes mounted them on a traverse rod that measures 130 inches. Very easy to hang. I choose light filtering for the living room. A couple of the pleats are opening up at the top. I will have to add a couple stitches to fix them. After a week of hanging I steamed the wrinkles out. Overall very satisfied.

Bought to hang on transverse rod. Pinch pleat curtains are hard to find nowadays. The quality was good and color as expected. However they were a little thinner than I expected for insulating drapes. And wrinkled due to packing in small container. Delivered quickly and customer service was very helpful to allow me to use a coupon that I forgot to apply on my online order.

I was extremely impressed with these drapes that I purchased through you. I could not find 150 inch drapes anywhere in my hometown. I was very pleased that they were also on sale and I didn't have to pay a fortune for them. Please continue carrying item like this. I will be a customer of yours again.

I really like the draperies ordered they fit my window perfectly. The lining is great to filter hot sun in cold weather. I was so pleased to find pinch pleat drapery online that is very difficult now to find in stores. The price is very reasonable. I will definitely recommend this company to others.

These pinch pleat drapes are exactly what I have been looking for. They look great. A soft drape, a little sheen and lined. The size was exact and the color was just as shown. The price was right and free shipping sealed the deal. Fast delivery was a plus. I would definitely recommend this product.

I like that they are pinch pleat for use with a traverse rod, nice material, and can convert to use on a rod. Wish there were more color choices or patterns/textures. I needed to buy liners to help with filtering/ diffusing light and insulation.

New drapes can change the look of your room, as well as make it feel warmer or cooler, literally. Pinch pleat draperies help keep hot sunlight out in the summer and cold air out in the winter. They can also make your windows look larger, especially when hung so that they don't obstruct the window when they're open. Getting the right measurements will ensure that they fit the window just right and give you the look you want.

I will show you how to hang drapes like a designer and explain what makes these Amazon drapes (unlined) so famous and amazing. This post provides a step-by-step guide on how to decide what length and width to order and addresses unique scenarios (sliding glass door). There are a lot of different drapes available from this particular seller when it comes to fabric and hanging mechanisms. I will be referring to the faux linen pinch pleat ones specifically. There is a FAQ section at the end of the post.

These Amazon drapes have a linen look, come in almost 40 different colors, have pinch pleats, and you can choose sizes ranging from 52 to 150 inches in width and from 63 to 102 inches in length. The standard options range in price from $100 to $232 (Prices subject to change). You can customize the drapes even further for an additional cost.

These Amazon drapes set themselves apart from the competition because of their pinch pleats. The pinch pleat feature is typically something you will find only on custom drapery and comes with a high price tag because it requires more fabric. Pinch-pleated drapes are fuller than regular drapes of the same width. Drapes that have pinch pleats tend to be more traditional and formal.

5. The total drape width of all panels necessary for the window should add up to the width of the window plus the extra 20 inches on each side. This is also the length of your rod. This is the bare minimum for these pinch-pleat drapes. You can get more width than the minimum if the budget allows it for an even fuller look.

WARNING: These drapes are very heavy. The fabric is heavy and the added width from the pinch pleats makes them heavier than standard unlined drapes of the same width. Make sure you are using a sufficient number of brackets for the length of your rod. I have used 3 brackets for a 13-foot span and 4 brackets for a 20-foot span. It is very important to use the appropriate hardware for the type of wall construction you have. Installing the bracket into a stud is your best bet but it is not always possible. Use good quality drywall anchors which will ensure your rod does not come crashing down.

It depends on the rod thickness and ring diameter. I would wait to get the drapes before you hang the rod. Attach the drapes to the rod with rings and hold it up to the wall to see where the exact position of the brackets should be for the drapes to barely touch the floor

I have two pair of matching jcpenny custom pinch pleat drapes from my previous house that were in my living room and formal dining room. I want to use them in my living room in my new house. My issue is that the old house had two windows next to each other and my new house has three windows next to each other with an arched window above the middle window. I am not sure if I should get 1 left opening traverse rod, one right opening traverse rod and one center opening traverse rod. ( I basically have 4 curtain panels to work with) The curtains coordinate with my furniture so I would still like to use them, just not sure how to hang them.

about the post above one of the windows in my kitchen is a corner window a over the sink any ideas how to handle that with pinch pleated valance. the other window is a large window in the breakfast area and a sliding glass door. thanks

Pinch pleat draperies are commonly used in traditional and formal decor. This style is called pinch pleated because the fabric is folded and stitched into pleats at the top of each panel to add fullness. The most commonly used pinch pleats styles have two or three pleats. Drapery pins or hooks are used to attach the panels to drapery hardware, so the fabric lays flat in between the fold and the fullness is distributed evenly along the length of the panel. Often weights are added to the bottom hem of the drapery panel allowing the fabric to fall evenly.

Double pinch pleated drapery, also called two-finger pleated panels, is a more contemporary style featuring double folds across the top of the drapery panel. Two folds are sewn directly into the fabric creating V-shaped folds. This creates a soft fullness along the width of the panels. 041b061a72


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