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Girl Squirt Movie Clips

Michael Bay: Listen, I make my own movie. I don't have someone tell me what to do. I've always been inspired by Steven. I was not a Transformers fan before I signed on to this movie. I think I was two years older when the toys came out, so I just discovered girls then instead of Optimus Prime. But I quickly became a fan after I went to Hasbro, where they have Transformers school. I really thought, 'Why the fuck am I going to Hasbro for Transformers school?" I thought I was going to learn how to fold up robots. But I met with the CEO and I went through the whole Transformers lore. I've been offered a lot of superhero movies before and nothing's really appealed to me. In the room, because I'm such a fan of Japanese Anime, it just hit me that if I make this really real it could be something very new and different. So, I quickly became one of the bigger Transformers fans in the world. I tried to make this movie for non-Transformers fans. Okay? And I wanted it to be a little bit more adult. I'm sure I'm going to get flack for it. "You made an edgy movie on a toy, how is that going to affect kids?" I know there are Transformers fans that are 40 years old.

girl squirt movie clips

Michael Bay: What I do is I do a series of animatics, which are crude cartoons. And a movie really comes to life, I mean working with the writers and creating the script, but it all starts with the concept drawings. That becomes the tone of the movie. I showed Steven a picture of Megatron in the hanger and he's like, 'Omigod, I love it. That's the movie!' And I'm like, 'I know.' And that's how you get the tone. It's like you build off of there. So, in the backyard we kept coming up with the beats and whatnot. I think the dog peeing was something we made up. That's where we tied a little string to his leg and lifted it up to nothing is there and they added in the squirt. It's just really good to work with someone like a Shia or a Megan where they can actually see a cartoon and they are looking at window washer poles, which is tough. And, you just keep doing it.


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