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Christopher Jones
Christopher Jones

[S2E1] Rain Has Drops

Back in Ponyville, Rainbow Dash is flying around when she is hit by a low-flying pink cloud. Now, we know this is a Sugar Bowl, but it's been established that clouds do not move on their own outside the Everfree Forest. They are also not made of cotton candy. Suddenly, cotton candy clouds are everywhere and they pour out rain made of chocolate milk.

[S2E1] Rain Has Drops

  • Discord uses piles of talking apples claiming to be the "Keepers of the Grove of Truths" to show Applejack the "honest truth" of what will happen; the Circle of Friendship will be broken. After facing her with how much the truth can hurt and the idea that lies might be easier, he makes her chronically dishonest (that is, lying through her teeth).

  • He uses balloons with the faces of Pinkie's friends to laugh at her, suggesting that her friends don't really like her. After a brief "torture" session consisting of all the balloons laughing at her, Discord hypnotizes Pinkie, making her unhappy and unfriendly.

  • He tempts Rarity with a beautiful shiny something, and she becomes enchanted as soon as she succumbs to the temptation to dig it out. It turns out to be a diamond bigger than herself that she becomes extremely possessive of. However, the "diamond" is actually a giant rock; Rarity is brainwashed into seeing it as a jewel.

  • He tries to turn Fluttershy against her friends, but she has too much trust to think they abandoned her, and too little ego to mind being thought of as weak or being criticized... so he just goes ahead and magics her into being cruel anyway.

  • He presents Rainbow Dash with conflicting loyalties: stay in the maze and continue searching for her friends and the Elements, or take back her wings and go save Cloudsdale from destruction, betraying something she cares about regardless of what choice she makes. Of course, he hypnotizes her before she can make the choice.

Edwina turns Anthony away, telling him she needs time to process everything. As Edwina processes the events of the day, Anthony and Kate bump into one another and share yet another passionate exchange in which both clearly are holding back their true feelings and refraining from giving in to their inner desires. Edwina then has another emotional exchange with her sister before going before the queen to inform her of her decision.

For the past couple of decades, I've held the belief that deer move more in the rain. Not heavy rain, mind you, but light to moderate precipitation. I can count the number of times I've sat in a treestand or ground blind, had little deer movement, and then they came out of the woodworks as the rain started falling from the sky.

I sat through a steady rain shower, and as it began to subside, deer poured out of the bedding area in front of me. First, a couple of nice 2-year-olds. Then a yearling buck. Then the giant velvet 8-pointer. Even more bucks, does, and fawns walked out afterward. They all fed out in the clover in front of me, all while it misted rain. Eventually, I got a shot opportunity and made it count.

That said, I think rain is more likely to get deer on their feet on warmer days, especially during the early season. Generally, rain cools you down, which gives deer reprieve from the heat, effectively getting them up on their feet.

I think rain showers that occur mid- to late-afternoon have even more power to get deer up and moving. When conditions align with crepuscular (dawn and dusk) movement, I believe it increases deer activity, even more than crepuscular movements without additional triggers.

Several colleges with teams dedicated to whitetail biology and behavior have attempted to address this question. While general whitetail behavior isn't the focus of most wildlife agencies and DNRs (they focus on resource management), even some of them have studied the impact of rain on whitetail movement.

Interestingly, some biologists and experts have discovered data or had experiences that suggest deer do, in fact, move more, if only slightly, during light to moderate rainfall. Both Boggess and Jaster have mixed feelings on the subject.

Boggess says that other researchers have found light rain can increase deer movement, but heavy rain can decrease it. Still, he says there is no consistent effect of rain across all the whitetail's range. That's a reasonable conclusion, though, mainly since whitetails inhabit a very diverse range of climates and habitats.

Boggess notes that rain softens twigs and leaves, which offers perfect stalking conditions. On rainy days, perhaps slowly still hunt and scout your way through deer habitat. Jaster says rain and wind likely make it more challenging to see hunters' movements, too. So, that's good.

But I think deer tend to move more during light rainfall, especially during the early season when temperatures are warmer and when the rain event occurs in the early morning or late afternoon. Perhaps only the deer I hunt like their salad with dressing, but I doubt that's true.

In the commentary Johnson said the cinematographer intentionally degraded the new footage shot so as to better match the grainy stock footage. While it did help to minimize the contrast between the two scenes.

He wakes up in a bright morning. While making breakfast, he was spooked by Michael. He informs his dad that he's planning to go to the lake with his friends. Michael notifies him about an upcoming storm. Hannah arrives downstairs, reminding Jonas about the Nielsens' anniversary party tonight. Hannah asks Michael if he's sure he didn't want to come, but he ignores their concerns. When Jonas was about to leave, Michael drops his cup from seeing Jonas with his raincoat, having a mild anxiety attack.

Jonas gets up from the spot, realizing that he's meant to visit his grandma Ines Kahnwald to explain how to use a tablet. Before leaving, Martha asks why he has a raincoat, and he responds that it's going to rain soon.

He suffers from nightmares and hallucinations relating to Michael. His mind is swarming with questions, such as why Michael would kill himself. He struggles to cope and is admitted for several months to a psychiatric ward. Starting from the end of summer, he temporarily drops out of school for therapy, with Peter Doppler as one of the therapists. Bartosz is the only other non-family member to know about his private sessions. He has been taking antidepressant pills to ease his pain. No matter what help he gets, he can't get rid of his mental illness. He decides to start school again on November.

It was raining heavily by the time he ran out of the forest and met the others. Magnus demands to know where Mikkel is, but Jonas thought he ran to them. The rest of the gang ran back in the forest to look for him, and Bartosz looks at him as though it is his fault. They call their parents, explaining the situation. They were approached by their parents and police force. All go to their parents except Jonas, who does not move. He blames himself for Mikkel's disappearance.

He sees the same metal door as he entered a new version of the caves. He exits the cave and takes sight of the difference in scenery. It was already raining, and he was lucky to have his raincoat. At a bus stop, he was approached by a van, driven by Sebastian Krüger. He and his daughter offer him a ride, since the rain is possibly acid due to Chernobyl. Jonas then realizes that the girl was Hannah. After that, he awkwardly declines. He decides to sleep in a watchtower.

He was walking through another rainy street, until a police car stops by him. Officer Egon Tiedemann asks if he should be at school, and Jonas claims that he hurt his arm and is heading for the hospital. Egon insists he gets in his car and he will drive him. During the drive, he asks Jonas why his parents weren't driving him. He answers that his mom is at work and his dad is dead. Egon asks where his mother works, and Jonas says that she's at the Power Plant. Egon talks about how the Plant has changed Winden. He then notices the pads in Jonas' pocket, and he says that they are earphones, much to Egon's amusement. When Jonas demonstrates them, he says that he has "seen it all". Egon takes the forest road as a shortcut.

Later that rainy day, Jonas arrives back home and is dismayed to see Martha waiting for him. He tells her that he needs to go, but she hysterically asks him why he hasn't responded to all the calls she made to him for several days. Jonas doesn't talk at all. She asks him whether their kiss after the rehearsal meant anything. She grows more furious as Jonas never speaks. Finally, he tells her that was wrong, that they're just not a good match. She then kisses him peacefully, and asks if this was wrong. He apologizes and walks away.

He goes to school on a rainy day, noticing a frustrated Bartosz by the entrance. He tells him how he waited for him on Thursday (November 7). He reminds him of how he covered for him, not telling anyone he was in therapy. Jonas apologises, but Bartosz tells him that Martha told him he kissed her. Jonas tries to explain but Bartosz gets too furious and shoves him to the ground, saying he is just like his father, at which Jonas lunges at him, and they wrestle on the ground. Martha sees them and yells at them to stop. Bartosz shouts at Jonas to never come back there. Jonas walks away, his face bruised.

Jonas wakes up in the middle of a field of harvest-ready grain. He takes off his suit and gasps for air. He buries the suit and tries to walk, but is debilitated by his bullet wound. Two men approach him and seeing his wounded neck, ask what happened to him. He tells them that he just wants to go home, so they assume he's a refugee from labor camp, and offers him food. He was led through the field, where farmers were glaring at Jonas. He stumbled through a medieval form of the town, and the younger of the two men asks young Agnes Tauber to get Erna.

Jonas awakens in a bedroom and is startled to find the old man, Adam, sitting in a chair observing him. Adam tells him that people are repelled by those most similar to themselves. Jonas replies that he simply wants to know how to get home. Adam tells him to get dressed, and he finds his clothes and raincoat laundered and neatly folded. 041b061a72


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