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Flirty F Free Download

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Flirty F Free Download

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"I dunner whar Miss F'raishy git do notion 'bout dat chile a-faverin' erde Wornums, kaze she de ve'y spit en image er ole Miss, en ole Miss wuz a full-bloodBushrod. De Bushrods is de fambly what I cum fum myse'f, kaze w'en ole Miss marryMarster, my mammy fell ter her, en w'en I got big 'nuff, dey tuck me in de house fer terwait on de table en do er'n's, en dar I bin twel freedom come out. She 'uz mighty high-strung, ole Miss wuz, yit I sees folks dese days put on mo' a'rs dan w'at ole Miss everis. I ain't 'sputin' but w'at she hilt 'er head high, en I year my mammy say dat all theBushrods in Ferginny done zactly dat a way.

"High-strung yer, headstrong yander,"continued Mingo, closing one eye, and gazing at the sun with a confidential air. "Ef ithadn't er bin fer de high-strungity-head-strongityness er de Bushrod blood, Miss Deelywouldn't 'a never runn'd off wid Clay Bivins in de roun' worril, dough he 'uz des one erde nicest w'ite mens w'at you 'mos' ever laid yo' eyes on. Soon ez she done dat, wud went'roun' fum de big house dat de nigger w'at call Miss Deely name on dat plantation wouldbe clap on de cote-house block, en ole Miss she shot 'erse'f up, she did, en arter datmighty few folks got a glimpse un 'er, 'ceppin' hit 'uz some er de kin, en bless yo'soul, dey hatter look mighty prim w'en dey come whar she wuz. Ole Marster he ain'tsay nothin', but he tuck a fresh grip on de jimmy-john, en it got so dat, go whar youwould, dey want no mo' lonesomer place on de face er de yeth dan dat Wornum plantation,en hit look like ruination done sot in. En den, on top er dat, yer come de war, en ClayBivins he went off en got kilt, en den freedom come out, en des 'bout dat time Miss Deelyshe tuck 'n' die.

"I 'clar' ter gracious," exclaimed Mingo, closing his eyes andfrowning heavily, "w'en I looks back over my shoulder at dem times, hit seem like itmighty funny dat any un us pull thoo. Some did en some didn't, en dem w'at did, dey looklike deyer mighty fergitful. W'en de smash come, ole Marster he call us niggers up, hedid, en 'low dat we 'uz all free. Some er de boys 'low dat dey wuz a-gwineter see ef deywuz free sho 'nuff, en wid dat dey put out fer town, en some say ef dey wuz free dey wuzfree ter stay. Some talk one way en some talk 'n'er. I let you know I kep' my mouf shot,yit my min' 'uz brimful er trouble.

"I'll tellyou what, Cap," said Teague, as he flung himself into the saddle, "they er houndin'airter us. They er 'buzin' the wimmin an' killin' the childern; stidder carryin' out thelaw, they er gwine about a-shootin' an' a-murderin'. So fur, so good. Well, now,lemme tell you: the hawk 'a done lit once too much in the chicken-lot. This is a freecountry. I hain't a-layin' no blame on you. Me an' Sis stood by you when the boys s'orethey wuz a-gwine to rattle you up. We made 'em behave the'rse'ves, an' I hain't a-blamin'you, but they er houndin' airter us, an' ef I wuz you I wouldn't stay on this hill nary'nuther minnit longer than it 'ud take me to git offn it. When the boys git wind er thisongodly bizness, they ull be mighty hard to hol'. I reckon maybe you'll be a-gwine downabout Atlanty. Well, you thes watch an' see what stan' the Government's gwinetertake 'bout Ab Bonner, an' ef hit don't take no stan', you thes drap in thar an' tell 'emhow you seed er ole man name Teague Poteet, an' he 'lowed that the revenue fellersbetter not git too clost ter Hog Mountain, bekaze the hidin'-out bizness is done played.The law what's good enough fer pore little Ab Bonner is good enough fer the men what shot'im."

"I reckon it hain't no use to ast you to make out your visit," saidTeague gloomily. "That's what I says to Puss. I'm a free nigger ef Sis don't beat mytime. You'll be erbleege to stop in Gullettsville to-night, an' in case er accidents youthes better tie this on your coat."

But in1840 Bradley Gaither's beautiful daughter was not by any means the only representative ofwomankind in Pinetucky. There was Miss Jane Inchly, to go no further. Miss Jane wasSquire Inchly's maiden sister; and though she was neither fat nor fair, she was forty.Perhaps she was more than forty; but if she was fifty she was not ashamed of it. She hada keen eye and a sharp tongue, and used both with a freedom befitting her sex and herexperience.

"Yes, andthe property he hain't drunk up he's fiddled away, till now he hain't got nothin' but apassel of half-free niggers and a little piece of land, and old Bradley Gaither is hungryfor that. And that ain't all," exclaimed Miss Jane, solemnly; "Jack is ruined, and Roseis distracted."

"Do nothin', Mr. Gaither. You've done more 'n you can undo a'ready.You've took and give that poor boy over for to be persecuted, Mr. Gaither, and now theinnocent suffers and the wicked goes scotch-free."

"I glanced at him arter the breath lefthim," said Squire Inchly, relating the facts to his sister, "and he looked like a manthat had shook hisself free from a heap of worriment. I hope he's at peace. I do, fromthe bottom of my heart."

"You never spoke a truer word, BrotherBrannum," said Brother Roach, enthusiastically. "Look at his limbs, look at his gait,look at his eye. If the world, the flesh, and the devil don't freeze out his intents, you'llhear from that chap. He's a-gitting high up in the law, and where'll you find a bettermanaged plantation than his'n?"

"Well, sir, my two eyes tells me different.Time and time ag'in I've been told he's a quare creetur. Some say he's strong as a horseand venomous as a snake. Some say he's swifter than the wind and slicker than a red fox.And many's the time by my own h'a'th-stone I've had to pooh-pooh these relations; yetthere's no denying that for mighty nigh seven year that nigger's been trolloping roundthrough the woods foot-loose and scotch-free, bidding defiance to the law of the Stateand Bill Brand's track dogs." 041b061a72


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