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Lana Del Rey - The Other Woman (Lyrics)

But the other woman will always cry herself to sleepThe other woman will never have his love to keepAnd as the years go by the other woman will spend her life alone, alone

Lana Del Rey - The Other Woman (Lyrics)


Finding out your partner has been fooling around with someone else is a heartbreaking discovery for any exclusive relationship. Being the other woman, knowing or unknowingly, can be a difficult role to play.

I believe exercising qualities like loyalty and trust are important in maintaining healthy relationships. For the music that made the list in this article, these artists have created songs about being the other woman to empower and inform listeners.

"i love lana sm but what the frick is she doing ? the covid situation in the united states is worsening and she refuses to wear a proper mask, that really infuriates me," another fan wrote on Twitter. "so many ppl have died there."

The song "The Other Woman" by Lana Del Rey is about a woman in a relationship with a man who also has another relationship - with another woman who, in contrast to the song's narrator, always looks perfect, encapsulated in her beauty and caring for her own needs. The "other woman" is a representation of unattainable perfection, and the narrator is unable to compete with her or understand why her partner chose the "other woman" in the first place. The song speaks of the jealousy and loneliness experienced by the narrator as she wonders why her partner loves the other woman more than her. Ultimately, the narrator realizes that the other woman will spend her life alone, just as she will. 041b061a72


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